What Our Clients Say

“Pregnancy wrought havoc on my body and Pilates has really helped me get stability and strength back again. My body always feels a thousand times better at the end of the class than it did before!”

– Katrina Morrison


“Pilates Plus classes are helpful, well-organised, well-supervised and cater for different degrees of ability and fitness. I have also attended the clinic for a specific problem, this included a comprehensive assessment and management plan, and the prescribed exercises have been very helpful”

– Dr. John Wrench


“I saw Alan for some Physio sessions. I was impressed at his explanation of my problem but also that I was given 2 exercises (which meant I did them daily). The beauty with Pilates plus Physio is the Physio sessions compliment Pilates classes.”

– Alison Turnbull (Clinic – Physiotherapy)


“I have taken several one to one Pilates sessions with Becca. Although I enjoyed the group classes, one to one sessions meant I could concentrate on my specific postnatal concerns. Becca is friendly, helpful and lovely to spend time with. After each session you receive a mini programme, I have managed to do this every second day and noticed real progress.”

– Alison Turnbull (Clinic – 1:1)


“Recently whilst on holiday, I twisted my back through track running. I was finding it very painful just walking my daughter to school. This was a major problem as I was due to take part in my first ever “endurance race” competition in 2 weeks time. With Laura’s help through physio and lots of good advice, I completed the competition.”

– Lisa Coleman


“I’ve had several one-to-one Pilates sessions which were tailored for my rather stiff body, I can now enjoy going to a Pilates class without being embarrassed about doing the wrong thing! I feel a lot better after every session!”

– J Brodie


“I was very fortunate to be referred to Physio Plus when suffering difficult and challenging back pain. They worked closely with me to provide an evidence-based and targeted programme of rehabilitative exercises. The pilates, underpinned by expertise in physiotherapy, has been progressed at a gentle, safe pace and I am now able to move in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible several months ago. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer patients to Physio Plus.”

– Dr. Kate Gregg

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